White Crane Tai Chi Sheffield
White Crane Tai ChiSheffield

Welcome to White Crane Tai Chi

The class runs every Sunday from 4.00pm ‘till 6.00pm

The venue is -

‘Trinity Parish centre'

61 Dobcroft lane


Sheffield S7 2LQ

For more details, call Barry on 07801 430104

or visit www.tai-chi-sheffield.co.uk

Email barry.clinton43@gmail.com


Tai Chi is a gentle and relaxing form of exercise for all ages and levels of fitness. The movements are from Chinese martial arts, and are performed slowly and with great control.

Tai Chi helps to improve posture and balance, and offers a relaxing and energising experience to ease you into the week ahead.

The class is for beginners, and will be an opportunity to learn a gentle Chi Kung–based exercise plan, and the Beijing ‘24’ Tai Chi form.