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Information about Tai Chi

Tai chi Beijjing 24 form.

The form was the result of an effort by the Chinese Sports Committee which, in 1956, brought together four tai chi teachers - Chu Guiting, Cai Longyun, Fu Zhongwen and Zhang Yu - to create a simplified form of tai chi as exercise for the masses. The creators truncated the traditional Yang family hand form to 24 postures; taking between four and eight minutes to perform and to give the beginner an introduction to the essential elements of tai chi chuan, yet retain the traditional flavor of Yang style's longer hand forms (generally 88-108 postures).[1] Henceforth this form was avidly promoted by the People's Republic of China for general exercise, and was also taught to internees in Communist "re-education" camps. Due to this official promotion, the twenty-four form is most likely the tai chi form with the most practitioners in China and the world over (though no surveys have been performed).


  1. Commencing (Qǐshì), Preparation, Lifting Water
  2. Part the Wild Horse's Mane (Yémǎ Fēnzōng)
  3. White Crane Spreads Its Wings (Báihè Lìangchì), Stork/Crane Cools Its Wings
  4. Brush Knee and Step Forward (Lōuxī Àobù), Brush Knee and Push
  5. Playing the Lute (Shǒuhūi Pípā), Strum the Lute, Play Guitar
  6. Reverse Reeling Forearm (Daojuan Gong), Repulse Monkey
  7. Left Grasp Sparrow's Tail (Zuo Lan Quewei), Grasp the Sparrow’s Tail
    1. Ward Off (Peng)
    2. Rollback (Lu)
    3. Press (Ji)
    4. Push (An)
  8. Right Grasp Sparrow's Tail (You Lan Quewei)
  9. Single Whip (Danbian)
  10. Wave Hands Like Clouds (Yunshou), Cloud Hands, Cloud Built Hands, Wave Hands in Clouds
  11. Single Whip (Danbian)
  12. High Pat on Horse (Gao Tan Ma), Step Up to Examine Horse
  13. Right Heel Kick (You Dengjiao), Separate Right Foot, Kick with Right Foot
  14. Box Tigers Ears with Both Fists (Shuangfeng Guaner)
  15. Turn Body and Left Heel Kick (Zhuanshen Zuo Dengjiao)
  16. Left Lower Body and Stand on One Leg (Zuo Xiashi Duli)
    1. Single Whip Squatting Down, Snake Creeps Down,
    2. Golden Rooster Stands on One Leg, Golden Bird Standing Alone
  17. Right Lower Body and Bird Stand on One Leg (You Xiashi Duli)
  18. Shuttle Back and Forth (Yunu Chuansuo), Fair Lady Works with Shuttles, (Walking Wood), Four Corners
  19. Needle at Sea Bottom (Haidi Zhen) Pluck the needle from the sea bottom
  20. Fan Through Back (Shan Tong Bei), Fan Penetrates Back
  21. Turn Body, Deflect, Parry, and Punch (Zhuanshen Banlanchui)
  22. Appears Closed (Rufeng Sibi), Withdraw and Push, as if Closing a Door
  23. Cross Hands (Shizishou)
  24. Closing (Shoushi)



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‘Trinity Parish centre'

61 Dobcroft lane


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Sunday afternoons, 4.00pm till 6.00pm